Testosterone enanthate – one of the best steroid for bodybuilders!

testosterone-enanthate2Testosterone enanthate is one of the most popular steroids in bodybuilding for a set of muscle mass and strength. Enanthate is an ester of natural testosterone, i.e. It is a long-acting steroid. The duration of enanthate depends on metabolic and hormonal specific person, but on average the drug acts of 2-3 weeks. Therefore injections are performed once a week, that would be enough, in order to maintain a high concentration of drug in the blood.

Most popular brands

  1. One of the best brands is considered TESTOSTERONE DEPO, which is produced by the company GALENIKA (Yugoslavia).
  2. It is also very well-proven 100 and Testen Testen-250 (India).
  3. Primoteston Depot is powered by CID (Egypt).

The steroid testosterone enanthate profile

  • Classification: anabolic androgenic origin
  • 100% anabolic activity of testosterone
  • 100% of the androgenic activity of testosterone
  • Method of application: injection
  • The duration of drug action – 2-3 weeks (15 days)
  • The dosages of the drug: Men 250mg – 1000mg / Women are not recommended!
  • Detection time – 3 months
  • Side effects:
  • The toxicity of the liver (hepatotoxicity): no
  • Acne: Yes
  • Water Retention (optional): High
  • High blood pressure is exceeded only when doses
  • Aromatization: high (requires anti-estrogens)
  • Reduced own testosterone: YES. That is what provokes the reduction of the size of the testicles, but do not worry, after PKT their size to recover to its original size).

Effects of testosterone enanthate and receiving its effect on the organism

  • Very pronounced increase of as muscle mass and strength
  • Very strong effect Pumping
  • Due to the accumulation of water has a positive effect on the joints
  • Testosterone enanthate stimulates regeneration processes in the human body
  • Improves overall tone and desire to train
  • The drug can be an excellent means of (preventive) peretnenirovannosti
  • Increases in the oxygen capacity of the blood

The most important effect of testosterone enanthate which renders this expression gain in muscle mass and strength. That is why it is widely used in bodybuilding, powerlifting and other strength sports. It is also very pronounced effect Pumping. Pumping – is filling the muscle with blood, it is provided that the rest between sets is very short, the muscle receives more blood than she can pump out. Therefore, the muscles swell and become huge. This feeling can not be confused with something else. So enanthate increases the feeling (and very pronounced).

Testosterone enanthate has both anabolic and androgenic effects. Rapid increase in muscle mass due to the strong accumulation of water due to sodium retention and estrogenic effects on the body. Unfortunately, at the end of the course there is significant pullback.

Just testoterona enanthate can help eliminate problems with joints, it is very helpful for those who complains of pain in the shoulders crunching, etc.

As testosterone enanthate stimulates the regeneration of cells in the human body, ie, improves recovery after intense training. And it simply increases the overall tone, a sense (the desire) to train more and more (in general, a sense of vitality). The drug can be an excellent means of overtraining.

Side effects from taking testosterone enanthate

The main problem is the high aromatization (conversion into estrogen), and from here gynecomastia, edema, deposition of fat on the female type and others. Therefore, it is important to take anti-estrogens (for prevention) and are not after the course and on the course! Many believe that the anti-estrogens need to be taken only after the course and everything will be OK, but it’s not! Very high risk of getting gynecomastia on the course (so do not start).

Just enanthate causes a reduction in its own production of testosterone, water retention, high blood pressure, hair loss, aggression and other pobochki.

Women in any case can not take the drug (high probability of masculinization). Masculinization is the appearance on the body, the woman’s face excessive amount of hair, deepening voice and increased muscle mass, changes in the elasticity of the skin, acne, menstrual disorders and other not need the girls game.

Testosterone enanthate Course

Injections are performed 1 time per week, preferably in the buttocks. Dosages of 250-500 mg per week. Duration of testosterone enanthate lasts 8-10 weeks and 2-3 weeks PCT (post-cycle therapy).

It is also necessary to take a course on aromatase inhibitors (this lekarstvennyhe preparations which are used to reduce the concentration of estrogen in the blood and increase the level of testosterone) or Proviron® ranging from 2-3 weeks your course.

Just do not forget about:

  • Proper diet for a set of muscle mass and strength
  • The complex set of sports nutrition for muscle mass

If you increase the dosage and duration of a cycle, i.e. more than 250 mg, and more than 8 weeks is required injection of gonadotropin.

All of these tips are, of course, are good, but you need (if possible) to consult with specialists (whom you trust and have confidence in them, who have a reputation). Well, you know what I mean (I hope).

Combined courses

To enhance the effect of testosterone enanthate can be combined with other anabolic steroids (for weight): Anadrol, throwing, nandrolone, trenbolone.

For example:

  • 250mg enanthate per week + Turinabol 40mg a day.
  • 200 mg of nandrolone per week + 250 mg of testosterone enanthate per week + anti-estrogens and gonadotropin.
  • Testosterone enanthate 200 mg + 40 mg methandienone per day.

For drying (acquisition of relief) can be combined with Winstrol or Anavar (medium dose).